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Kevin Matthews calls for rejecting political violence in Lane County

November 4, 2017Press ReleasePress Release from Friends of Kevin Matthews

LANE COUNTY, OREGON:  Public Statement as Follows

Violent attacks on non-violent protestors, as occurred in October up the McKenzie watershed in East Lane County, are a sickening and despicable turn in the recent history of timber protest and timber operations in western Oregon. 

Cascadia Forest Defenders has documented this abuse. As a dangerous violation of core rights and principles, it must be addressed. 

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Save TV Butte Files Brief Appealing Oakridge Gravel Mine

October 26, 2017Press ReleasePress Release from Friends of Kevin Matthews

LANE COUNTY, OREGON: With key support from Oakridge community members, and vital technical assistance from County Commissioner candidate Kevin Matthews, the grassroots Save TV Butte group has successfully accomplished a major milestone in their long-running preservation battle. 

The “petition for review,” filed this week by attorneys for Save TV Butte, is the primary legal brief before the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) in the legal challenge to Lane County’s rubber-stamp approval of the dangerous, disfiguring gravel strip mine proposed by wealthy land owner Ed King. 

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Kevin Matthews for County Commissioner

May 18, 2017News ClipLetter to the Editor in the Eugene Weekly

I’m tired of the phrase “the perfect is the enemy of the good,” especially when coming from people who should know better than using it against the people’s own interests. 

Kevin Matthews is a proven progressive for Lane County, not an establishment Dem chasing unavailable votes and heavily polluted corporate money by being unabashedly “centrist.” There’s no time or energy to play the centrism game — not on our County Commission or any other legislative body.

Indeed, our very planet may not survive if we stay stuck in the past, losing and with dangerous electoral ways.

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Cottage Grove Sentinel Covers East Lane Commissioner Appointment Process

March 29, 2017News Clip"Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart announced his resignation on Tuesday, March 21. Six days prior, Lane County resident Kevin Matthews announced his intention to run for the seat in 2018."

And Pete Petty comments, "I suggest 'friends' contact the current commissioners, suggesting that as the runner up in the last election, Kevin is entitled to fill the slot.  Futhermore, Faye Stewart should do the right thing and endorse Kevin as hs replacement.

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Conservation Victory in the Most Urban Basin of the Willamette River Headwaters!

January 31, 2015News ClipAmazon Headwaters Keystone successfully protected after 15 years of community efforts

Congratulations, Lane County citizens!


After more than 15 years of concerted community advocacy, we've finally succeeded in protecting the key connecting piece between the Amazon Greenway that runs through town in Eugene, and the Amazon Creek Headwaters rising high on the flanks of Spencer Butte.


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