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Coffee with Kevin in Oakridge

February 24, 2018News Clip

Thanks to everyone for such great conversation over coffee with Kevin this morning! Thanks to the Lion Mountain Bakery in Oakridge, Oregon for your hospitality!!

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Elect Kevin to level the playing field, not the butte!

February 21, 2018News ClipKevin is helping the Oakridge community save TV Butte from strip mining.

Ed King wants zoning changes so he can blast the top off TV Butte in Oakridge, shown here, for years on end. 

After four out of five Lane County commissioners rubber-stamped King's mine application, Kevin Matthews came to the aid of Save TV Butte, local residents fighting the gravel strip mine, and helped them win a state land use appeal victory in January, stopping King's mine application.

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Coffee with Kevin in Dexter

February 10, 2018News Clip

Big thanks to all our friends, neighbors, and great supporters who came out to the Rattlesnake BBQ at the Dexter Lake Club on Saturday morning for our ‘Coffee with Kevin’ discussion of local issues. 

Thank you! Your comments, questions, perspectives, and all around dedication to our community totally made it a great event!!

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“Matthews is the education candidate”

February 5, 2018News ClipLetter to the Editor in the Register-Guard

“If you think education for all ages is important, you’ll love Kevin Matthews for Lane County commissioner.

“From early days as a kids’ craft teacher, to teaching at two universities, to serving on the board of a community education non-profit group, to his current service on the budget committee at Lane Community College, Kevin’s track record shows he walks the talk on investing in learning together.

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Healthcare is a Human Right

January 16, 2018News Clip"Is that a controversial statement? I’m not convinced."

"Healthcare is a human right."

Is that a controversial statement? I’m not convinced.

What decent person would refuse care to someone sick or injured, if they were in a real position to help?

We all want to help those who are truly in need. 

Talking personally with thousands of Oregon voters, I’ve found this to be true across party, age, gender, religion, etc. 

Each of us would want to help a sick or injured person, in our presence, if we knew how to, and had a reasonable way to do it.

Yet that’s not how our actual health system works.

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